Why You Should Study BHM at KFA?

KFA Training School started its journey with intensive focus in structured Banking Training Programs, Workshops & Seminars to suit the requirements of diverse Financial Institutions and Corporates as well as non-corporate participants.

Why You Should Study BHM at KFA?

With a determined mindset to effectively contribute in the capacity building of the Nepalese Business Sector, KFA was established in July 2001 with major thrust on Management Education, Training and Consulting initiatives.  Since its establishment, KFA has been working in these areas and has been instrumental in developing knowledgeable, academically sound & professionally trained human resources and also delivering quality management consulting services to its valued clients.

KFA Training School started its journey with an intensive focus in structured Banking Training Programs, Workshops & Seminars to suit the requirements of diverse Financial Institutions and Corporates as well as non-corporate participants. So far, KFA has trained over 10,000 participants from diverse professional and academic backgrounds.

KFA Business School, an Academic wing of KFA was established in the year 2009. Since its inception, the School has introduced innovative and unique ‘learning methodologies’.  With ‘Dual Faculty System (DFS)’ as one of its core delivery mechanisms, KFA has been instrumental in developing much-needed academically sound and practically trained human resources.

KFA Consulting is a management-consulting Division within KFA, which serves leading businesses, governments and non-governmental organizations. It helps the clients to make lasting improvements to their performance and realize they're most important goals. KFA Consulting' brings together a complementary mix of background and cultures of diversified professionals providing clients with all-round, hands-on support in smooth Management of Business, Market Research, Feasibility Studies, Impact Analysis, Business Plans, Management Strategy Consulting, Financial Management, IT Solutions, HR Management and thereby increasing the value to its Customer's business.


Lincoln University College (LUC), Petaling Jaya, Malaysia established in 2002 as Lincoln College (LC) and upgraded on 16th August 2011 as University. LUC is one of the premier private institutions of higher education approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and Malaysian Qualifying Agency (MQA). The University is situated in the cosmopolitan town of Petaling Jaya, which is 10 kilometers west of the capital city, Kuala Lumpur.

The founders and administrators of LUC are true academicians who are committed to helping the students to achieve their potential in the education, research and employment world of this exciting new millennium. They bring together almost fifty years of higher education, post-secondary education and language teaching experience. Their backgrounds include teaching, research and professional training. LUC’s focus is student-centered and student-directed, with the philosophy that everyone has a claim to education in order to better their life, advance their career & reach their desired level of personal success. LUC is an ideal learning institution to career shifters, second-degree students, and high school seniors who are considered getting a diploma, undergraduate or postgraduate degree will open many doors of career opportunities. For those working adults pursuing second careers or acquiring new skills, LUC offers the occupational and professional training they need, to go ahead in today’s competitive marketplace


The Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Hospitality Management program at KFA is designed to meet the knowledge and competencies required for those who have chosen a career in this service industry. Students may select either hotel or tourism specialization. The experiential learning, project-based approach and practical training components will provide students with the necessary competencies to function effectively as leaders in the industry.

Learning Outcomes

1. The student can build the skill and think critically in their professional life.

2. Analyze ethical issues that impact business decisions from economic, political, legal, and social perspectives.

3. To enable students to operate in both national and global workforce challenges with professionalism.

4. Evaluate the application of technology as a strategy for competitive advantage in business communication, leadership and team building skill.

5. Able to analyze and solve business problems in a real-world context

6. Conduct basic research using scholarly sources to acquire new knowledge in the business domain.

7. Describe the ways in which diversity influences a hospitality organization’s ability to achieve its goals.

8. To give elementary knowledge about the fundamental business principles that apply to hospitality organizations

Programme Aims

The aims for the BHM programme are as follows:

· ability to acquire knowledge in business and economics that creates and develops well-rounded 

· managers and executives to enable them to compete at the global hospitality industry level;

· to produce proactive graduates who are knowledgeable & keep abreast with current issues of business and economics;

· to produce graduates with capability to integrate and apply the latest technology in hospitality management;

· to contribute to the country's development by producing graduates that fulfill the requirements of

· both private and public sectors in tourism and hospitality industry;

· to share their knowledge of business & economics to students of other schools in this university college in order to produce well-rounded graduates

· Capability to develop a healthy body and mind and become a disciplined individual while truly • representing the hospitality industry in a professional manner

Career Opportunities

BHM graduates will continue their career development into middle and senior management positions in the following employment settings:

· Hotels, Resorts, Inns;

· Food & Beverage services; Restaurants,

· Dining Rooms, Pubs,

· Institutional Food services;

· Management Consulting Companies

· The employment opportunities are varied:

· Supervisory/Management which require advanced planning and leadership skills.

· Independent entrepreneurs, there are many business opportunities in the Hospitality sector which the graduate might pursue.

· Hospitality Business Development organizations that plan, develop and operate a new business.

· Hospitality training organizations/Human Resources Management positions.

· Sales and Marketing.

Internship Opportunities


· Australia

· China

· Japan


· Malaysia

· Nepal

· India

Food and Beverage Service

Service signifies the experience that the guest experiences. In hospitality, the specialization in this subject provides the students with comprehensive knowledge of various alcoholic beverages and operating bars. It deals with the development of skills in planning and coordinating banquet, a buffet of various occasions. This suffices student's criteria to enter hotels, restaurants, cruises, railways, shipping and airline services.

Food and Beverage Production

This is an important aspect of the Hospitality Industry as it refers to the different methods of cooking. The specialization in this course helps students to handle and prepare varieties of food and beverages providing comprehensive and practical knowledge from related fields.

House Keeping

Management is an invaluable resource to help tomorrow’s executive housekeepers acquire the proficiency in management and administration they will need to succeed in the related field. The students will be capable of maintaining hotel, hostel, residents and public areas, nursing homes, operating laundry houses, etc. through the specialization in this subject.

Front Office

Under Front Office Management, students acquire skills like guest service, reservations, registration, room and rate assignment, maintenance and settlement of guest accounts and public relations along with the preparation of budget, forecasting and implementation of the department requirements which play a significant role when they start to work in any hospitality industry. After completing this course, every student will have been acquainted with various categories of hotels and various departments within a hotel and will develop a sense of work ethics and a pleasing manner while dealing with guests. The scope doesn’t end here as the knowledge gained from front office management can also be applied in other day-to-day activities of various business houses and multinational companies.

BHM Thematic Session

BHM Thematic Session is a new movement to enhance the learning and speaking abilities of BHM Students through a unique learning method. They are assigned a theme in each semester and prepare powerpoint presentations, speak on the different topics assigned by their respective faculty member, role play, do market research as per the requirement of the subject which directly associates with the semester theme.

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