Why Softwarica is the best among all IT-colleges?

Softwarica College is a pioneer in introducing British Education in Nepal. Established in 2010, the college has crossed significant milestones in this short span of time.

Why Softwarica is the best among all IT-colleges?

Softwarica College is a pioneer in introducing British Education in Nepal. Established in 2010, the college has crossed significant milestones in this short span of time. This is evident by the fact that the student number has already crossed 400 and is becoming very popular among students who aspire to gain a British Qualification. Softwarica College is one of the Best IT colleges in Nepal for student satisfaction in terms of course delivery and other academic resources.

Softwarica College is working in collaboration with Coventry University to offer a range of undergraduate programs, BSc (Hons) Computing and BSc (Hons) Ethical Hacking & Cybersecurity. On successful completion, students will receive the Coventry University degree award.

University Partner

Founded by entrepreneurs and industrialists as the Coventry School of Design in 1843, and in 2018 celebrated 175 years, Coventry University is a dynamic and outward-looking institution with a tradition of teaching excellence, impactful research and bold international partnerships. The university has established a robust reputation for pushing the boundaries of higher education regionally, nationally and across the world.

Through Coventry’s worldwide network of collaborators in academia and industry, the 50,000 learners studying its degrees in different countries enjoy access to global opportunities that ensure their employment prospects are enhanced.

In recent years Coventry’s student satisfaction levels and teaching quality have been rated amongst the best in the UK, which has contributed to impressive rises in every major university league table and a gold rating in the UK government’s Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).

Coventry ranks 15th in the UK in the Guardian University Guide 2020. It also earned the title ‘University of the Year for Student Experience’ in the 2019 Times and Sunday Times Good University Guide; the guide describes it as “one of the most innovative modern universities, bold with its vision of what the 21st-century student experience should be”.

Softwarica believes that teaching is not only about giving a load of information to students but more about enlightening them about their capabilities and bringing out the best in them. It follows a practical approach to teaching by providing students with internship opportunities with renowned companies in Nepal right after the completion of the first year.

Below we have listed some of the salient features of Softwarica that are guaranteed to make you want to study at Softwarica for sure.

1. Internship and Job Placements

With a view to providing real-time work experience right after the completion of the first year, students are provided with internship opportunities with renowned Companies in Nepal. Similarly, after the completion of second-year students are placed in various companies in Nepal and abroad in positions according to their skill level. Hence, by the time a student graduates, he/she would have more than one year of real-time work experience facilitating them to sought positions in the middle level in companies both at home and abroad.

2. Invests on Student’s Project

The best way of motivation or for the educational upbringing of a student it is very necessary for the students to work on their own projects. But the problem arises when the project needs investment like to buy a server, host a site, buy technical gadgets, etc. However, if you are studying at Softwarica you won’t have to worry at all because they have a facility that if your project is good enough and is approved by the respective faculty member then the college itself will initially support your project financially too.

3. College Sponsored Student Exchange Programs

It is also necessary for a student to get international exposure so that they can understand and experience different ideas, work and social culture and study methods. As a part of the learning and sharing experience, students get a chance to visit countries and students. The exposure they get from this is very high and results in a multi-dimensional development. As a part of the course, students enjoy travel as well as learn in a completely new and exciting environment.

4. Students Club as an Extracurricular Activities

Students clubs at Softwarica has been formed to organize various extracurricular activities for students. The college gives its students a major part of the responsibility. From the book club to the cultural society, you can decide what kind of clubs you want to open up inside the campus and make your time at the campus more fun. Students from different clubs organize programs for the rest of the students. This surely brings new and exciting reasons to come to college every day.

5. Skill-Oriented Extra Classes

Softwarica also provides extra classes on skill-oriented subjects like CISCO, drone classes, IOT (Information Of Technology) so that students will grow and won’t have problems while applying for internships or jobs. These are all skill-oriented programs and can help the students find their passion and turn it into their profession.

6. Follows Practical Approach to Teaching

We are an avid follower of education based on a practical approach. The college recognizes the fact that in order to be successful in finding a rewarding career, real-life skills are also essential. For this reason, classes are held on personality development, presentation skills and public speaking skills. This combination of both academic and real-life skills would thus help students towards their holistic development.

7. Well-facilitated Labs and Library

With state-of-the-art computer labs, well equipped technical and networking labs, a library with an exhaustive collection of books on IT and Business, local and international experts on teaching faculties, the college is truly an ideal place to hone students’ skills and gain an internationally recognized qualification.

8. Own Research Center

The college has its own research center where students can gather to research and work on their ideas and bring them to life with the help of their teachers if required.

9. Media-friendly Classrooms

All the classrooms are well facilitated with projectors, Air-conditioned and other needed facilities.

10. Extra Facilities for Students

With access to the basketball court, snooker and pool board, table-tennis, well-managed cafeteria, 24-hour power supply, wi-fi, etc. college is well-equipped for all sorts of needs and requirements a student has from a college.

These are only the features that can be explained through words. But, being a graduated student of Softwarica myself I can definitely tell you that the college offers things that can only be felt after you have enrolled or spent time on the college like the educational environment inside the college, helpfulness of teachers and respectfulness and care of faculty members towards the students are a big factor for motivation in itself. And is the main reason for Softwarica being one of the leading educational organizations related to IT in Nepal statistically.

If you are thinking of studying Information Technology, Computing, Cybersecurity Softwarica will be the best choice for you as it provides Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing and Bachelor of Science (Hons) Ethical Hacking and Cyber-security Courses. Visit the college’s website or give a call and inquire about the college if you have any questions.

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